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The Industrial Engineering Institute Pays de la Loire (ITII PdL) founded its apprenticeship programs together with top leading engineering schools in response to the need for production oriented engineers. Our objective is to establish partnerships between companies in the industrial/construction sector and leading engineering schools in France in order to train incorporated engineers by apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship at an engineering level is a proven way to produce highly skilled and operational engineering graduates. Our job is to accompany each employer and each school to make sure that the apprenticeship creates a real dynamic between practical experience and scientific knowledge.

With their master's degree in engineering, each ITII engineer is skilled in the 4 fields of expertise we consider essential: technical and scientific, organizational, financial, and management.

The international work placement
During their apprenticeship, each trainee must find and successfully complete a work placement in a foreign company/organization for at least 9 weeks.

The objectives of this period are :

  1. Successfully integrate a company abroad (adapt to methods and organization) for a period of 9 weeks
  2. Carry out work in relation to their chosen field (see video below) 
  3. Improve communication in foreign language (the ability to work in another language)
  4. Enlarge the trainee’s vision of work and culture 

Host organizations contribute to the success of the trainee’s project by:

  • Providing the trainees with meaningful work relative to their skills and objectives (to be discussed with trainee and ITII)
  • Involving the trainee in as many aspects of company life as possible,
  • Providing the trainees with the necessary supervision,
  • Assessing their work period (assessment sheets provided).

One of the main things to consider when dealing with an application from an ITII trainee is that they are not students. All our trainees have operational experience and host companies can rely on this experience for easy integration and fruitful collaboration.